Recovering From Botox

Compared to other cosmetic procedures, Botox injections provide minimal recovery time with great success. Where it is injected muscle content, only “surgical site” is at the injection site was set. No anesthesia is used, and the typical patient is able to continue with their daily schedule his or her right after the treatment.

You have to come with an ice pack (your doctor can provide one), some ibuprofen, and some make-up (foundation and concealer) to your appointment. Carefully apply an ice pack on the injection site immediately after the procedure. This will help to prevent bruising and swelling, as well as provide relief from any pain you may have when the procedure is done.

You may be able to take over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen right before your appointment to minimize pain or discomfort at the injection site. Be sure to check with your doctor and see what he or she recommends before taking drugs.

If you have any redness immediately after Botox treatment, you may gently dab some concealer or foundation in the region. Avoid rubbing the area, however, as this could cause the product to spread and affect the muscles that are not intended to relax. When you apply make-up, you can return to work and your colleagues probably do not even notice the redness!

When the process is complete, you’ll need to avoid certain activities for up to one day in order to prevent drugs from entering the muscles not intended to affect. First, do not allow you to rub or massage the injection site. It is tempting to do, where you will probably experience some soreness. But avoid it at all costs! You do not want the drug can rubbed into parts of muscles should not be paralyzed.

Plans to prevent exercise for at least 24 hours after the procedure. You probably will feel all the following regular exercise routine, but again, this can cause the product to be distributed in areas muscles are not intended to be affected by Botox.

Finally, do not lie down for three to four hours after injection. Plan to do the grocery shopping, return to work, or go home and cook dinner. Just do not plan to take a nap until treatment has had time to settle.

As with any medical procedure, you should bring any questions you may contact your doctor before taking this medicine. For example, you may want to ask your doctor about any facial exercises that you should perform to test the effectiveness of the medication is. You may also ask your doctor if there are any lotions, soaps, or make-up products you should avoid during the recovery period.

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